Tooth Extractions in Wylie, TX

tooth extraction | wylie tx | 75098It can be upsetting to hear that you need to have a tooth extracted. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed and worry about how the procedure will go. Then you have to decide what you’re going to do about the gap in your smile after the tooth is removed.

Dr. Behram Shah knows that there’s a significant benefit to preserving the structure of your teeth for as long as possible. So, tooth extraction at our Wylie, TX dental office is not a procedure we recommend unless we’ve exhausted all other possibilities for saving the tooth. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth decay or an untreatable infection are the most common reasons Dr. Shah would recommend removing a tooth. But there are several other reasons where a tooth extraction would be in your best interest:

  • Emergency treatment – If you come to us in severe pain, and we can’t save the tooth with root canal treatment, extraction would be necessary to provide relief.
  • Damage from dental trauma – A tooth has been knocked loose or is broken off or fractured below the gum line.
  • Alignment issues – A tooth is not positioned correctly and is crowding surrounding teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment – If your child is getting braces, sometimes it’s best to remove some baby teeth to make room for permanent teeth to erupt correctly.
  • Preparing for dentures – Some patients who are getting full dentures may benefit from having one or several teeth removed.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth – We don't necessarily need to extract all wisdom teeth. But a wisdom tooth that is stuck in the gums or has only partially erupted will need to be removed.

We Put Your Comfort First at our Wylie, TX Dental Office

tooth extractions | wylie txHaving a tooth extracted may seem like it would be an intense experience. But Dr. Shah and the team at InSmile Dental do everything to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

First, we’ll get you settled in your chair and offer you a pillow and plush blanket. We have Netflix on all our TVs, or you can use our noise-canceling headphones. Dr. Shah uses the best compounded topical anesthetics to ensure your mouth stays numb throughout the procedure.

Many of our patients opt for sedation therapies like nitrous oxide and oral sedation at our Wylie, TX dental office to help them cope with any anxiety they feel. Dr. Shah will explain the benefits of each and help you choose one that matches your anxiety level.

Because we combine updated technology with old-fashioned, gentle care, we can perform your procedure efficiently and comfortably.

One of our caring team members will be by your side throughout the procedure to make sure you’re comfortable. Please don’t feel embarrassed about letting us know if you need a little extra handholding – we’re here to help!

Please Call Us So We Can Help

If you have been told you need to have a tooth removed for any of the above reasons, please don’t put off the procedure because of anxiety. Dr. Shah and our team of caring professionals will provide the gentle, attentive treatment you need to protect your smile.

Call our Wylie, TX dental office today, and we’ll help you arrange a convenient appointment.