Dental Crowns and Bridges in Wylie, TX

man with brown hair smiling l natural looking dental crowns wylie txAt InSmile Dental, we provide preventive services like dental exams and cleanings to keep your smile healthy. But tooth damage can happen to the best of us, whether you broke a tooth in an accident or have decay that has spread.

Whatever the reason, your tooth is now weaker than it should be to function correctly. If the damage is more significant than what we can address with a dental filling, Dr. Behram Shah would recommend placing a dental crown to strengthen and protect it. 

We offer natural-looking dental crowns to support damaged teeth and dental bridges to replace a missing tooth at our Wylie, TX dental office. Dr. Shah takes great pride in his work; he uses only premium materials for your crown or bridge and works with top custom dental labs in our area. The result is better oral health and teeth that look beautiful and function comfortably.

What Does a Dental Crown Do?

Tooth-colored fillings are strong and durable, but they’re only meant to do so much. But a dental crown fits over your entire tooth like a little protective helmet. The crown strengthens and protects the damaged tooth by absorbing chewing forces. 

And since we use only the highest quality, most natural-looking material, a dental crown also enhances your smile. Dr. Shah uses premium materials like ceramic, zirconia, and E-MAX for their durability and natural appearance. 

When Would You Recommend a Dental Crown?

There are several situations where Dr. Shah would recommend a dental crown to protect and strengthen a tooth:

  • Broken teeth or cracked teeth
  • Strengthen teeth that already have large fillings
  • Protect a tooth weakened by root canal treatment
  • Restore function and appearance to a dental implant 
  • Conceal a misshapen or severely discolored tooth

Before we decide that a crown is right in your case, Dr. Shah will need to perform a thorough dental exam. He may also recommend a digital x-ray to help him diagnose the problem and show you intraoral images so you can see the problem for yourself. Our goal is to give you the information you need and help you decide if a crown is right for you.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Dental Crown?

rendering of dental crown procedure l dental crowns wylie txIn most cases, getting dental crowns involves two visits to our Wylie, TX dental office. During the first, Dr. Shah prepares the tooth and takes impressions that we use to create a model of your teeth. We’ll help you choose the shade that blends with surrounding teeth, and send all the information to a dental lab that fabricates your customized crown. When you're new crown is ready in about two weeks, we'll have you return to our dental office to check your crown for fit and cement it in place.

Is a Dental Bridge a Good Solution to Replace a Missing Tooth? 

If you need to replace one or more missing teeth in the same spot, dental bridges at InSmile Design are an excellent solution. A bridge is a unit that consists of an artificial tooth that sits in the open space and is attached with crowns to adjacent teeth on either side.

It’s always a good idea to replace missing teeth to prevent surrounding teeth from shifting and causing misalignments and problems with your dental bite. However, dental bridges are just one solution we offer to replace missing teeth in Wylie, TX. Dr. Shah will explain all your options, including dental implants, or partial dentures.

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