Teeth Whitening in Wylie, TX

woman with glasses smiling l teeth whitening wylie txWould you like to brighten your smile for a big event? Do stains on your teeth make you feel self-conscious enough to want to hide your smile?

Professional teeth whitening at InSmile Dental produces fast, dramatic results that last. So, if your son’s wedding is coming up, or that 20th school reunion is right around the corner, we can whiten your teeth in as little as an hour at our Wylie, TX dental office.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Wylie, TX vs. Store-Bought

You probably know that there is a vast array of over-the-counter teeth whitening on the market today. They seem like a good choice; they’re readily available at your supermarket or drug store, and they’re affordable.

You may even see some results after using these products for a few weeks. But you can invest a lot of time and money before you see results anything like those we can achieve with professional teeth whitening. 

In-Office Teeth Whitening for Immediate Results in 75098

You have that big event coming up next week and want to look your best for all those photos you know will appear on social media. When you choose your outfit and hairstyle, remember that a fresh, bright smile will pull it all together so you look confident and radiant on the big day!

We offer in-office whitening treatments that will provide the results you’re looking for in a procedure that takes about an hour. Come to see us at your lunch break or when the kids are in school, and you’ll leave with a bright, beautiful smile!

Convenient Take-Home Professional Whitening Kits

woman getting teeth whitened in wylie txIf you’re not in a rush, Dr. Shah recommends a customized take-home whitening kit. How are they different from the rows of kits you see lined up at your grocery store?

There several reasons that our professional kits are superior to store-bought:

  • The concentration of whiteners in store-bought products has to be lower to be safe for the widest number of people. When you whiten your teeth at our Wylie, TX dental office, however, Dr. Shah can adjust the potency of your product to fit your needs. Some patients need a lower concentration to combat tooth sensitivity, while others are fine with a higher concentration.
  • Over-the-counter whitening kits contain generic “boil-and-bite” trays that don’t conform perfectly to your teeth. The results are inconsistent and whitening gel that seeps under the tray and onto your gums can cause sensitivity. Instead of generic trays, we take dental impressions that we use to create customized trays that come in contact with all surfaces of your teeth. Since they fit well, our customized trays also prevent the whitening gel from coming into contact with your gums.
  • If you’re using store-bought products and something goes wrong, you’re pretty much on your own. When you have your teeth whitened at InSmile Dental, Dr. Shah and our team are available to answer any question you have about the teeth whitening process.

Show Off Your Bright, Confident Smile from InSmile Dental!

We offer several cosmetic dental treatments to help get your smile where you want it to be. Sometimes severely stained teeth resist even professional teeth whitening. In this case, Dr. Shah might recommend dental bonding or porcelain veneers to conceal the staining or discoloration.

If you would like to learn more about professional teeth whitening or our other cosmetic dental treatments, please call our Wylie, TX dental office to arrange a dental cleaning. We’ll get your teeth sparkling clean so you get the best results from your teeth whitening treatment.

Call InSmile Dental today to arrange your appointment!