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Like most patients, you may not be aware of how much state-of-the-art technology has become part of the dental experience. When planning his new office, Dr. Behram Shah strived to equip his office with the very latest in technology to not only provide the absolute best treatment for his patients but also to also maximize comfort and ease in every one of your dental visits.

The technology Dr. Shah selected is meant to improve your overall experience by streamlining your treatment and enhancing your comfort. Please take a moment to browse through some of the technology we currently offer to improve the efficiency, comfort, and outcomes of your dental treatment. 


Digital X-Rays

It would be impossible to provide you with the highest standard of dental care without digital x-rays. Dental x-rays are the only way we can see inside your teeth and under your gum line where most oral health problems begin. If we don't detect these issues in their earliest stages with a digital x-ray, the problem will worsen and eventually lead to discomfort and the need for more complex dental treatment.

With that said, we know that many of our patients are concerned about the number of x-rays they receive and their exposure to radiation. Dr. Shah cares about your safety, comfort, and well-being, so he has invested in low-dose digital x-rays at our Wylie, TX dental office.

Using digital x-rays offers numerous benefits to our patients:

  • Reduces your radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent compared to film x-rays.
  • Highly detailed images allow us to detect a problem in its earliest stages.
  • An invaluable educational tool for our patients as it allows you to see what Dr. Shah sees giving you a better understanding of your treatment and overall dental health.
  • No harmful chemicals are needed for digital x-rays, making it better for your health and the environment.
  • Dental x-rays can be digitally stored in your patient record so we can refer to them as needed or easily send them to insurance companies or specialists in a matter of minutes.

Intraoral Cameras

It’s much easier to be proactive with your oral health when you are involved and informed. We don’t want to just tell you what you need; our goal is to include you in diagnosing problems so you can make fully informed, confident decisions about your treatment.

Intraoral cameras are a technology we use that lets you see problems for yourself to understand why treatment is necessary and how it will benefit you. During your exam, Dr. Shah guides a small digital camera over your teeth that produces real-time images of what we see. We display the pictures on your chairside monitor, and you can see your teeth in great detail.

If Dr. Shah finds a problem like a cavity, he’ll use the intraoral camera or a digital x-ray to confirm his diagnosis, so you know exactly why we need to treat the tooth. We are 100% transparent with our treatment plans and will never recommend treatment without showing our patients through radiographs or cameras.

We can save these intraoral images to your digital patient record, which makes them easily accessible to monitor conditions or to send to insurance companies and specialists.


Nitrous Oxide

You have mild anxiety about dental visits, but you don’t want to be knocked-out or impaired for the rest of the day with sedatives. The perfect solution for you is mild sedation with nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is also called inhalation sedation because it is administered through a small nasal mask. Inhale normally, and you’ll start to feel a very warm, relaxing sensation and a feeling of comfort and well-being. You won’t go to sleep, and you’ll be able to communicate with us, but all the activity will seem very far away.

The effects start to dissipate as soon as we stop administering the gas. In a few minutes, you’ll feel alert, refreshed, and ready to go on with your day. Since nitrous leaves your body quickly, you’ll be able to drive yourself home from your appointment.

If you’re looking for a gentle alternative to oral sedation, ask us about nitrous oxide at our Wylie, TX dental office.

Electric Handpieces

We know that the sound and vibrations of an air-driven drill may cause patients anxiety and nervousness. That is why Dr. Shah equipped the office with electric hand-pieces that significantly reduces noise and vibration during cleanings and treatments. This allows us to provide you with a more effective way of removing decay and plaque with your comfort in mind. It can also cut down your time needed for your dental procedures and cleanings!

TVs in Treatment Rooms

If you need a distraction during your dental visit or simply want to be entertained, we equip all our treatment rooms with TVs for just that! We have movie options as well as Netflix so you can sit back and watch your favorite show while we work to improve your oral health.

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