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Emergency Dentistry: What You Need to Know

February 3, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Behram Shah
couple smiling after emergency dentistry service in wylie tx

You work hard to take care of your teeth and protect them from harm. Diligent brushing and flossing, combined with regular visits to your dentist, go a long way in preserving your smile’s health. 

The unfortunate reality, however, is that dental emergencies and unexpected injuries happen even to the best of us. If, despite your best efforts, you still find yourself with a dental emergency on your hands, don’t panic—your Wylie, TX emergency dentist is here to help.

Emergency Dentistry in Wylie 

When you’re going through something shocking, it’s normal to feel confused and on a bit of a “high.” The adrenaline you experience during a dental emergency can cause you not to think straight or to make poor decisions. 

For this reason, it’s best to always call your dentist immediately after experiencing a dental emergency in Wylie, TX so that we can direct your treatment. We may need to see you quickly to save a tooth, or we may alternatively instruct you on how to mitigate your injury at home and on your own until the next business day. The only way you can know for sure is to speak with Dr. Shah so he can determine the best course of action. 

If we do need to see you right away, we’ll have you come into our dental office for treatment. During your emergency dental appointment, we will:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Stop any residual bleeding
  • Clean your tooth and any surrounding oral wounds 
  • Take any necessary x-rays 
  • Create a treatment plan for the immediate next steps

Our Wylie, TX emergency dentist may need to perform one or more procedures to repair your smile. Common emergency dentistry treatments include root canals, placing or replacing tooth crowns, and attaching composite bonding material to fix broken teeth.

Call Your Wylie Emergency Dentist 

Remember, the best thing to do after a dental emergency is to contact our dental office right away. We will schedule an emergency dental appointment with Dr. Shah or provide you with options for relieving your pain. 

Call us at (972) 908-9830 for emergency dentistry in Wylie, TX!

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