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Ceramic Crowns

These types of cases walk through our office doors on a daily basis.  Many patients come to us with failing teeth.  We never judge or make anyone feel bad about the condition of their teeth and gums.  Our job is to help our patients achieve a healthy smile and dentition.  For this particular case, we started with the front teeth.  After thoroughly cleaning the gums, we removed all the decay/bacteria on the failing teeth and then restored them with beautiful ceramic crowns.  Our goals are always to make sure no one can notice the dental work we complete and our patient was extremely happy with the natural looking results.

Happy we found an office that goes above and beyond our needs

Mother, father, and young child patients from InSmile Dental

We had such a wonderful experience at InSmile Dental. Dr. Shah and his staff were very attentive and took the time to get to know my family. They took great care of my son, husband, and I.

They explained everything in detail and presented all of our options for treatment along with their recommendation. I’m really happy we found an office that goes above and beyond our needs.

- Ashtyn B.

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