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Dr. Behram Shah

Masking white spots

White spots on teeth can occur for several reasons. We can address the problem by applying medication to dull the white spots in a simple non-invasive procedure. For deeper and more stubborn white spots, we can mask them by placing a thin composite resin filling that takes just 10 minutes at our office. This seven-year-old girl was ecstatic with her improved smile after this simple fix.

Our family will continue seeing Dr. Shah for years to come

Mother, father, and young daughter smiling

I felt right at home with Dr. Shah at his office. They make sure you do not have a wait time and everything is handled in a very professional manner. I started experiencing discomfort and swelling over the weekend after being seen at another office.

I was not able to get in touch with them so I sent Dr. Shah an email on a Saturday hoping someone could get me out of the discomfort and he responded immediately by calling me. After explaining my symptoms, Dr. Shah called in a few prescriptions to help relieve the swelling. I feel very grateful he reached out to me as most offices were closed.

They do the little things at this office that you wouldn’t normally expect. Our family will continue seeing Dr. Shah for years to come.

- Chris S.

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