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What Parents Need to Know about Their Children’s Dental Health

November 26, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Behram Shah
Mother helping young girl brush teeth before pediatric dental appointment

It’s common for parents to think that their child’s dental health is mostly maintenance-free until their adult teeth come in. But lifelong healthy smiles should start even before your son or daughter gets their first baby tooth.

Protecting Your Child from Cavities

Your children’s dentist in Wylie, TX wants you to know that cavities or caries are the most common childhood disease. Protecting baby teeth from decay until they’re ready to come out on their own is essential because they have a job to do until then. Baby teeth not only help your child learn to chew and speak, but they also hold a space in the mouth for permanent teeth to erupt correctly.

Oral Hygiene for Your Child

Pediatric dentistry involves more than dental exams and teeth cleanings. Your dental care team also offers guidance to help you set the stage for a lifetime of healthy oral habits for your children. As strange as it may sound, dental care for your little one should start in infancy.

Infants Oral Care

When your child is an infant, gently wipe down their gums once a day using a piece of gauze. This routine helps them get used to the idea of oral care from a very young age.

Helping Toddlers Brush

As soon as the first baby tooth appears, schedule your child’s first dental visit. These appointments are meant to be low stress and are all about getting your child used to the sights and sounds of a dental office. Your pediatric dentist will take a peek in your child's mouth, explain how you can help them learn to brush their teeth, and answer any questions you have about nutrition.

Teaching Older Children to Brush

Your son or daughter won’t have the motor skill necessary to handle a toothbrush on their own until they’re old enough to tie their shoes. Until then, supervise and encourage their excellent brushing habits by being a good example and brushing with them. Oral hygiene is just another habit that your child can get used to if you take the time now to make it an interesting and fun process.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit

As an experienced dentist for children in Wylie, TX, Dr. Shah Behram loves welcoming kids of all ages to our dental practice. Whether your baby just got their first tooth, you have an older child who needs a checkup, or you have burning questions and need answers, call InSmile Dental to schedule an appointment.

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