Pediatric Dentistry in Wylie, TX

pediatric dentistry | wylie tx | 75098Is your baby getting their first tooth? Do you have questions about oral hygiene or nutrition for your older son or daughter?

If you’re looking for a children's dentist in Wylie, TX, turn to Dr. Behram Shah at InSmile Dental. Dr. Shah has worked at multiple pediatric dental practices throughout his career, and he truly enjoys helping children get a positive start with their dental care. 

We provide pediatric dental services from dental cleanings and exams to full mouth treatments. Dr. Shah and our team enjoy welcoming children to our family-friendly dental practice where you can enjoy the convenience of comprehensive care in one familiar location.

When Should I Schedule My Child’s First Appointment?

Dr. Shah likes to first see children when their first baby tooth erupts, but no later than their first birthday. Baby (primary) teeth will eventually fall out, but until they do, they play an essential role in maintaining your baby’s oral health.

These early visits also help your little one develop a positive attitude about their oral health care that can last into adulthood. Dr. Shah understands that children react to stressful situations just as adults do, so he gives them all the time they need to adjust and feel comfortable with us and the new surroundings.

What Happens during My Child’s First Visit?

We like to start by scheduling “happy visits” for your little one. These low-key visits make it easy for your child to get used to a new environment, unfamiliar faces, and strange-looking machines. Dr. Shah will make this a stress-free experience and a fun adventure for your child.

Your son or daughter will meet Dr. Shah and our team, and we’ll give them a fun ride in the dental chair. As Dr. Shah chats with your child, he’ll count their teeth and let them look in the little mirror. If they’re receptive, he will do an exam and cleaning; if not, we’ll wait until next time.

What If My Child Gets a Cavity in a Baby Tooth?

kids dentistry | wylie tx | 75098We need to treat tooth decay in baby teeth as soon as possible. Primary teeth help your little one learn how to chew their first solid foods and aid in proper speech development. They are also building blocks that affect the way permanent teeth develop, so it’s crucial that we keep baby teeth healthy.

If your son or daughter gets a cavity, Dr. Shah will remove the decay and fill the tooth to keep the tooth intact until it’s ready to fall out on its own. Dr. Shah knows how to work with anxious children, and he will recommend gentle sedation with nitrous oxide if appropriate.

What Dental Care Do Children Need as They Grow?

A lot is happening with your child’s development; they’re gaining and losing baby teeth, and permanent teeth are getting ready to emerge. At our family-friendly dental practice in Wylie, TX, we’ll be here to provide the routine preventive dental exams and cleanings they need. If a problem occurs, Dr. Shah will address it.

Many children can benefit from dental sealants that are placed on molars and pre-molars and act as a barrier to prevent decay-causing bacteria and food debris from collecting on their uneven chewing surfaces.

Fluoride is an essential mineral that your child needs for strong and healthy teeth. We get much of the fluoride we need from drinking water and the foods we consume. But if Dr. Shah thinks your child will benefit from an additional application, he’ll let you know why and how it will benefit your child.

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Scheduling a dental visit for your school-age child couldn't be easier! InSmile Dental is located across the street from RF Hartmann Elementary School and in close proximity to many other area school districts.

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